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     MEMS distribution in Israel

MicroAssembly Technologies, Ltd. (MAT) is the official Israeli representative of MEMSTECH, the holding company of SENSFAB and SENZPAK.

The company designs and manufactures MEMS based products including pressure sensors, accelerometers, thermopiles, binary lenses, thermopile arrays, ASICs and microphones. It is one of the fastest growing MEMS companies in the world.

SENSFAB specializes in:

Standard IC Pcocessing Capabilities
- Thin Film Growth
- Dielectric Film Deposition
- Metal Film Deposition
- Thin Film Wet Etching
- Thin Film Dry Etching
- Thin Film (Metal) Wet Etching
- Photolithography
- Thin Film Measurement/Inspection
- Ion Implant

Failure Analysis
- X Ray

Back End Processing
- Wafer Dicing
- Electrical Probing

Silicon Micromachining
- Etching
- Etch Stop Technologies
- Surface Micromachining
- Release Etching
- Bonding
- Electroplating
- Grinding/Polishing

SENZPAK specializes in:

Offering MEMS/MST value added assembly high density interconnect substrates, modules, MCMs, COB, hybrid, BGA, CSP, flip chip and customised packages.

Multiple fabrication techniques and processes can be combined into a single package with the appropriate silicon and substrate technology to increase packaging bandwidth

Specialised capability in industry specific markets


Bare die chip shooting


Flip chip fine pitch ribbon bonding


Multi-die application



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